‘There is just no money coming in,’ a regular DJ at the local jazz club shared his plight with the Husband as they took a break from recording their programs. ‘I’m living on last year’s profits, and even that is running dry.’

The Husband was at the studio today recording another string of programs and there, he met two other DJs who were commiserating on the bad turn in the economy, which has resulted in many DJs being let off from their regular slots at the clubs.

‘It makes me feel thankful that we’ve got our jobs intact,’ The Husband said to me as he showered. (Yes, we enjoy catching up on our separate days in the toilet.) ‘Even though there are unsatisfactory patches in the daily grind, I feel contented with what I have’, he continued.

Contentment – is it merely the way we look at life?

In line with that thought, I decided to count today’s blessings.

1. I just painted my nails. They no longer look ratty and are instead, bathed in a beautiful red.

2. I am almost done with The Historian. It’s been a good read.

3. I am not slim. But I’m not fat. I keep telling my UK10 body that. Especially today when I tried on some tops I’d been eyeing in Topshop and none of them fit well. ‘Oh you don’t like the clothes?’ The salesgirl asked when I returned them to her on my way out of the changing room. ‘Oh I love the clothes. I just don’t like the way they looked on my body.’ I said, sighing.

4. I can poo. I have read of people who actually died of constipation. That’s a horrific way to pass on.

5. I am surrounded by delightful characters who amuse me, abuse me and provide great fodder for writing.

6. No one has noticed the large pimple on my face. That, or they are just being polite. Well, at least it’s dying.

Nothing spectacular. Just simple things that kept me contented today.


One thought on “contentment

  1. Heeeheee! I noticed point number 1. Figured you were too busy. Glad to know ya had some me time to make yourself look even more pretty. =)

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