covers – doing the done, different

I love hearing how a song has affected a person. When I hear others describe tunes, it widens my perspective on songs that I’d heard so many times over and yet, understood them in only one way. And when a band does a good cover, it provokes thought.

Here are some of my favourite songs. All of them are covers. All of them are fresh in perspective. I sincerely hope you like these versions as much as I do.

We’re Not Gonna Take It – Hellsongs

Originally by the Twisted Sister, Hellsongs – a Swedish acoustic cover band – changed the entire feel of this tune by making it more introspective.  A little like what one would do if you took the lyrics and meditated on them over a cup of coffee. It’s been stripped of it’s metal roots and made all indie.

Creep – Damien Rice

I cannot gush over this enough. Firstly, it’s a tune by Radiohead! Secondly, Damien Rice, with his tender, wretched emotions takes the raw quality of the original and brings it to the place where you feel you can take the blade to your wrists. Lovely.

Iron Man – Four Tet

Again, another hard rock/heavy metal tune but this time, gone electronic. Play it loud while driving. It rocks in a whole new different dimension – one where the famous guitar riffs by Black Sabbath are shredded apart, downplayed and made thick and delicious by Four Tet. Even without words, this track never loses its momentum.

Oops I Did It Again – Fuck

This track was handed to me by the Husband and while I hummed the original by Britney Spears (albeit unwillingly, but what can you do when a catchy song rings in your head?), the band Fuck (I hope I got the right band linked here) made the song terribly mournful and dismal. For once I could connect with the lyrics. Weird. But good.

Street Spirit – The Darkness

Another classic Radiohead song, here, The Darkness amps it up with wailing guitars, screeching voices and metalli-fies what was once already an excellent track. Good gone a different way. Rocking harder is all.

Time permits me to post up only 5 tracks this time. If you want more, do let me know and I’ll try to post more in the future.

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