kaiser chiefs live – a review

‘Are you going for the Nine Inch Nails concert?’ The editor of a local popular culture magazine asked me.

‘Maybe. The Husband sure wants to go. I know I’ll be there for Kaiser Chiefs though,’ I said with a smile. We were walking out of the Oasis concert a few days ago.

‘Kaiser Chiefs?’ she answered, wrinkling her nose in distaste. ‘But, they’re pop! Why would you want to watch pop?’

‘They’re fun!’ I retorted to her back but she didn’t wait for my answer and grabbing her b/f’s hand, she sped up through the crowds toward the Exit sign.

Pop? Kaiser Chiefs?

I’d always found their new wave Brit-punk music thoroughly enjoyable. Employment, and their more recent release Off With Their Heads made me smile on my early morning walks to work. Yes, the local radio played them quite a bit and yes, Topshop seems to have them on repeat mode but just because a band is popular does not mean that I should like them any lesser.

Tonight, watching Ricky Wilson (lead vocals) swagger on stage, leap around, twirl his tambourine and swing his mic just sealed the fact that they are indeed a lively, unpretentious bunch of lads who just want to have fun. The Husband and I couldn’t resist singing the lyrics, doing silly dance moves and basically, obeying Wilson’s commands from the stage to ‘wave our hands, punch our fists in the air and yell out loud’.

It was, of course, made more entertaining by the tweens who knew every single darn word to every song and danced with wild enthusiasm. The two Kaiser Chicks who stood in front of me made me laugh, as did another girl down by my left who jumped out of time. Consistently. But passionate they were, and passionate was Ricky Wilson, who sang his heart out till it seemed that he lost his voice near the end of the set. They didn’t veer too much off the predicted set list, which comprised of all their early hits and recent highlights from Off With Their Heads.

I couldn’t help but compare Ricky Wilson with Liam Gallagher (tambourine/lead singer who doesn’t play an instrument/wired mic on stand) and when I turned to the Husband and said, ‘I think I’m falling in love,’ he clearly understood why.

Sticks and stones and animal bones
Can’t stop me from having a good day on a bad day

My only grouse? It was too short. To re-live the moment, here’s a video of The Angry Mob, the last song they did before the encore.