lights out asia


When I first played this album, my heart leaped out of my throat. Darn it, I’d accidentally set the volume on maximum (whilst loading) and I couldn’t grab my headphones off faster. But once I set the volume at a comfortable level, I found this band just so good. I’m still enjoying instrumentals a whole lot and though there are tracks in Eyes Like Brontide that feature singing, it’s minimal. The vocals again, are used as instruments themselves, layered on top of the music to add a thought against the backdrop of tidal, emotional melodies.

(As I write this, there is a man outside my house, shouting himself hoarse and it sounds like he’s crying. I am resisting the urge to look out because I fear what I’d see. A woman has just joined in the argument and a loud object has just crashed to the ground… At the risk of sounding heartless, I have to say that the commotion somehow doesn’t detract from the music at all.)

Lights Out Asia naturally mixes what I love about dream rock, ambient sounds, cinematic soundtracks (I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard them on CSI’s episode after Warrick died, for instance) and takes it somewhere out of space into the far-off galaxies. Narratives – a common thing I find in a lot of post-rock music – are plenty but tasteful. The music envelopes you wholly but thankfully, doesn’t forget to let you breathe.

I especially loved Six Points of Fire and Psiu! Puxa! because interestingly, I connected with the emotional depth channeled in those songs. That’s the thing about music. There are bands we listen to for fun, and bands we find that regardless of space, time and age, we return to because they are somehow, significant. Explosions in the Sky is one such awesome band and I have a feeling, Lights Out Asia will be another.

For further reading and a better description, read Sputnik Music’s review here.


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