There’s an addiction to checking one’s Blog Stats. It gives me a secret thrill to see that there are people out there who actually read my stuff. And today I saw that someone googled ‘Ineedtopee’ and was somehow redirected to my pages. I almost chuckled out loud because… why would someone google that? If you’re that person, do let me know. I wait with bated breath to find out.

But back to addictions.

An addiction is the compulsive physiological (the body) and psychological (mind & emotional) need for a habit-forming substance or the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.


So here’s the list of things I am addicted to.

1. Coffee – I need my coffee. Most preferably a triple grande hazelnut soy latte in a take-away cup (they stay warm longer) but if I can’t have that, a home-made drip coffee will suffice. Instant coffee doesn’t count. Firstly, it doesn’t taste like coffee. Secondly, it’s almost always too sweet, too thin, too lacking.

2. My laptop – surprisingly, I can survive without a mobile phone for a day but I cannot live without my umbilical cord to the cyber world. It feeds me. It nourishes me. It makes me feel a little less stupid when I know I can Wiki or google at an instant.

3. Any reading material – I will become a classic grouch if I cannot read. Newspapers, magazines, books, articles on line, signboards, pamphlets… anything. I even read while I shower and brush my teeth. There was once I was stuck in a salon having my nails done and there was nothing to devour. After reading the chemical components found on the nail polish bottle and memorizing the nail colour and number reference, I developed a severe headache. That was the last time I went to that salon, or had my nails done, for that matter.

4. Love – at the risk of being corny, I love being loved. Come on, who doesn’t? I love being around people who love me and I love in return. This of course is a double-edged desire because I have moments when I really need…

5. Me time – solitude is my breath of fresh air in the coagulated atmosphere of work, demands and needs that I can’t meet.

6. Music – it’s not a snack to me, it’s the main course. I don’t blame people these days for treating music with a casual air because there is just so much of it floating around. But listening to a hit song is akin to reading a quote. It can be good, but will be made richer if you actually read the whole book/article that it was taken from. Self-exploration is part of the fun and that is perhaps what I try to do here at the marionette. To bring music away from it’s viability as a hit song and more as something you’d sit down to honour, respect and listen to.

Take the journey the music man took in crafting the songs.

So there. Addictions. Is it a bad word? Perhaps, if taken in context of substances that do damage to one’s person. Is it a sign of a greater need? Many psychologists would think so. Or maybe… it’s just what we need to make sense of an ever-changing world – the constant in life’s waves, like an anchor.


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