oasis live – a review

Liam Gallagher is crap.

He stands there (in his ‘I’m-taking-a-piss-posture), hands in pocket, balancing his tambourine and singing as one would if friends made you karaoke on a drunken night dare. There was no artistry. But I shan’t base my review of Oasis‘ concert tonight on him because then it would’ve been a failure. He was flat on most of his high notes! Although I have to add that he was performing slightly better (20% more enthusiasm and energy) than a year ago and actually attempted to build a little rapport with the crowd. The only interesting bit to me was when a girl was hauled out by his aides for a quiet after-concert quickie during the encore.

Noel, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoyable. His singing has improved and it made the music that tad bit more melodic, instead of harsh. Like all concerts, his rendition of Don’t Look Back In Anger was excellent and contained a little more heart than the rest of tonight’s music-playing.

The other saving grace was their new drummer, Chris Sharrock; man was he entertaining to watch! He was in Robbie Williams’ band for 8 years and having watched Robbie Williams before, I must add that they were brilliant. There’s a great difference between writing great music and being consummate performers.

Another complaint was that the music was l.o.u.d.

The thing about loud music is that oftentimes, details are lost if the engineers don’t do a good job defining the sounds. Take for example the quiet tinkling from temporary keyboardist/synth Jay Darlington (who looks amazingly like Gandalf!) and the guitar leads by Gem Archer. I only managed to catch their instrumentation when I shut my ears. The Husband actually took wads of tissue (un-cool dude!) to stuff his ears with.

Now I’ve been to loud concerts. I watched Mono and they were mad, tight and good. But sitting (yes, I actually remained seated) in the huge 8,000-seater concert venue, I looked like a grumpy old woman with my fingers in my ears. And I enjoyed most of tonight that way.

In a nutshell, I was glad that the good seats came free, courtesy of the Husband’s friends.


3 thoughts on “oasis live – a review

  1. I think after watching Coldplay that recent, any other concert would have a hard time meeting up with the expectations. =P

    1. I do agree. Coldplay was awesome! Still, I’m going to watch Kaiser Chiefs tonite so look out for a review for that one. 🙂

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