bootie quiz


This should be easy for some of you. Click on the links below, take a listen to some of 2008’s best booties, then try to figure out what amalgamation of songs they are. This entertains the Husband immensely as I hardly get all the songs correct and he being Mr. Know-it-all in the arena of music (the guy collects music trivia for fun!) feels then that his ego is affirmed. Still, it’s great fun. I’ll post the answers up a few days later. The titles are a dead giveaway.

1. Dance dreams by Divide & Kreate

2. I want you dance by Comar

3. Duffy train running by DJ Y (Alias JY)

4. Paper rump by DJ Tripp

5. Low Dog by DJ Fox

And here’s one more that is just enjoyable but was made earlier than 2008.

6. When will I be supermassive by DJ Schmolli

I wore my 4-inch platform heels today. Completely forgetting that I had to stand on stage for 2 over hours. It was not a good feeling. But it could be the reason why I had the sudden desire to listen to happy music. They give me happy feet. Whatever.

Oh, and a big thanks to the Husband’s friends for doing these. Hope you don’t mind that I featured them here.


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