the cabbage diet – day #3

April 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

I still love the soup and am satisfied on the diet. There is absolutely zero change in my weight though.

I had fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch, fruit for tea, soup for an early dinner and more vegetables for supper. Then in a wicked twist of fate, while I was watching a movie, my hand found its way in a packet of Doritos. Damn. The good news is that I ate far less than I would have previously.

The bad news is simple. I have not lost any weight at all. Not one pound. Nada.

I encourage myself by saying I’m detoxing my system.

I could be fooling myself though.

Tomorrow, it’s bananas and milk with more of the soup. God I hope there’s some reward at the end of all this.


the cabbage diet – day #2

April 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

I don’t feel any skinnier. The weighing scale attests to that fact too. Argh.

The good thing is that I am not hungry nor do I crave anything other than the soup and allowed foods, which today was vegetables. I had three bowls of soup, one for each meal. And now I’m wondering, is there a possibility that this will instead, make me put on more weight?

The good thing is that I purged my system three times today. Wheeeee! I love it when I do that. The bad side effect is the flatulence. Although admittedly, it wasn’t that bad today. I am also feeling a little less energetic, which is odd really, since I am eating up a storm. I may have to reconsider staying on this diet because of the massive amounts of work ahead of me the next few days. I cannot deal with a lack of energy.

So I’m going to see what happens tomorrow. No diet is worth feeling crappy over.


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People assumed they were in a band because they looked good together.

That was the reason why Butch Walker, along with Darren & Michael finally decided to start something and in 3 days, recorded Maya. The band is still under the pop culture radar but darn it, they are good. They are easily digestible rock/pop music made better with soaring melodies and really, take a listen for yourself, the songs are written with finesse. Songwriting is an art form that is sorely missing from a lot of chart toppers today.

Butch Walker has written songs for Avril Lavigne, Family Force 5, Bowling for Soup, Pink, Simple Plan, Sevendust, Injected, The Donnas, Hot Hot Heat, American Hi-Fi, Puffy AmiYumi, Default, Midtown, Gob, Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects, The Academy Is… and The Cab. The list goes on for too long.

While there are moments in his solo albums that I feel are a tad indulgent, here with 1969, the artistry is tempered by the other band members’ input. Add to that the fact that Walker can sing… you got a winning band which had the problem of well, sounding like a lot of other bands out there. The only difference is that they are better.

When you wake up to the sound
Of a thousand voices around
Can you hear the rattle of words
That only takes a heart to be heard

– Save A Place (which was featured in an episode of One Tree Hill)

Download these two tracks, listen… then go out and get the album.

All Talk No Action

Save A Place

the cabbage diet – day #1

April 15, 2009 § 1 Comment

I woke up hungry.

And promptly ate two apples, which was all the fruit I brought out with me.

Today was the start of the diet and I had two containers of the soup prepared for my lunch and dinner out. The soup was good (I added cloves of garlic, increased the number of tomatoes and added tobasco… is that allowed?) and while I ate it, I was so satisfied. I shared some of the soup with Kitty and she said, ‘Oh my! It’s so good! I’d eat this even if I wasn’t on a diet! Could I have the recipe?’

I did drink coffee (black with sweetener) and like I initially guessed, I am gassy. I have farted (sorry!) no less than 10 times in a row since I left my friends. Interesting fact: I cannot pass gas in front of others. I simply can’t. So in my private walking moments, I was propelled forward by my gas explosions. They were odorless (thank god!) but I can’t help wonder, is this a side effect to the diet?

‘I tried the diet too,’ Kitty told me, ‘but I barely lost any weight. Maybe 4 lbs?’ Now that discouraged me a little. She’s on the South Beach Diet and has since lost a good 16 lbs. I don’t have the discipline for something like that. I want my diets to be a hit and run thing because darn it, I love my food.

So tomorrow is vegetables, no fruit. I’m not sure how I’ll get through.


covers – doing the done, different [part 2]

April 14, 2009 § 1 Comment

If you love covers as much as I do, you can download a few tracks off my earlier post here.

I especially love it when someone takes a popular tune that I’ve grown deaf to (due to too much airplay) and turns it around to be something deeper, richer and well, worth taking a second listen to. So here’s the second instalment to my list of covers.

Pieces Of Me – Almost Better

Argh. I dislike Ashlee Simpson and will therefore do anything to avoid hearing her music. When Almost Better produced this cover, I was suddenly worried for myself. Oh god. Does this mean that I can actually identify with that girl’s music? Nah. I attribute the quiet goodness of this song to the 4-piece pop/punk band from Central NY.

Who Wants To Live Forever – Breaking Benjamin

You cannot fault Queen. They are one of the ultimate music-makers and I loved their music even more after watching We Will Rock You, the musical. Here, Breaking Benjamin, an American alternative metal band does such a darn good job on this track I almost weep. Altogether now… ‘Who wants to live forever…’

Wonderwall – Ryan Adams

This rates as one of the best covers done so far. Besides the pop culture story behind it (it was featured in an episode of O.C. which I have never watched) the song is taken away from the psuedo-swagger of Oasis and made very bittersweet. Who else better to do a song sad than an alt-country rock musician? Thank you Ryan Adams.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Tori Amos

Nirvana! Tori Amos! Eerie… and deliciously so. If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to Tori Amos (how could you?!) but you love something that makes your spine chill in the night, you should try to get your hands on her other cover of Eminem’s ’97 Bonnie & Clyde off the album Strange Little Girls. Neil Gaiman actually wrote stories to accompany each song on that album which is found in his compilation of shorts titled Smoke & Mirrors. But that’s for another day. Today, it’s ‘a mullato! An Albino! A mosquito! My libido!

And finally…

Teardrop – Elbow

The original by Massive Attack was sung by Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins. It was beautiful to begin with and really, it’s hard to compete with dreamy vocals like hers, especially since when she sings it, you really don’t know what she’s saying. Elbow‘s rendition of the same actually takes away the groovy mire set by Massive Attack and makes it into a song. For once, the lyrics stand out and guess what? The lyrics rock.

Love, love is a verb. Love is a doing word
Fearless on my breath, gentle impulsion
Shakes me makes me lighter
Fearless on my breath
Teardrop on the fire
Fearless on my breath…

Ah. Realisation dawns. It was a love song.

odd headlines

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Thanks to the Sister for highlighting these. They amused me.



ARMY VEHICLE DISAPPEARS – An Australian Army vehicle worth $74,000 has gone missing after being painted with camouflage.






the eve of all things cabbage

April 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

I ate too much.

Soy milk & pancakes.
Salad, Enchiladas, brownies, coffee.
Mushroom risotto, vegetable chowder.

Maybe it’s my body rebelling against the onslaught of cabbage it’s anticipating, I have no idea. But it happens each time I just think about dieting. My body immediately gets hungry and I crave things I normally wouldn’t.


So I went out and got the stuff needed for the soup tomorrow. Everything is in place. Tomorrow’s diet is cabbage soup and fruits (namely apples; they’re easier to lug around). Let’s see how that goes.

Funny thing that happened today was the trip I took to the gym. I didn’t go there to exercise, I was merely checking the place out and when I returned, I found out that at least 4 others have been planning to sign up too.

Fat season for everyone?

Let’s just hope that the gym decides to give us a group discount.

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