wonderfully strange


I don’t like crowds.

No matter how well I know people, I just don’t like being in a place filled with countless people I know. It’s different from being a stranger in a crowd; now that I like a whole lot. The party tonight was enjoyable, don’t get me wrong. There were enough entertaining bits (funny how we have to make fun of others to enjoy ourselves) and witty remarks. Still, I naturally withdrew into my quiet self and enjoyed my walks to the toilet the most.

I don’t particularly enjoy taking pictures either.

I’m not the kind who will bring her camera along everywhere she goes to take snapshots of herself with famous landmarks, friends, objects etc. I have traveled to so many places without bringing my camera that people often ask, ‘Why did you take so few pictures?’

The right mood has to hit me. This probably explains why I am someone who has the least number of tagged pictures up on facebook. Being a girl, I always enjoy having a good picture taken of me, but it’s rare that it happens.

I don’t enjoy public speeches.

I can, if pushed to do something, talk up a storm but it doesn’t come naturally. Some people I know can breathe in energy and breathe out statements. For me, the words need to string themselves up inside before I vocalize them.

So it’s odd that I find myself oftentimes in situations where I have to stand before thousands to say something. And people seem to have the impression that talking is a really natural aspect of my personality. Nuh-uh. I like conversations with friends or even complete strangers on a one-to-one basis.

Still, I’ve grown comfortable in my skin. This is who I am. And I’m cool with it.

I guess it helped that a waiter at the party today called out to me, ‘Hey gorgeous!’ as I walked back in. Of course I ignored him! But being all woman, I shall not pretend that it was not nice.


‘Be wonderful and be strange‘ – Susie Bick


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