spaced frequency


This one is good.

This one was compiled by The Husband, who currently has his own show on a soon-to-be-launched online radio.

This one had a whole lot of airplay in my iPod.

Listen while you’re traveling. Or sitting under the cliched umbrella-while-looking-out-at-sea. It’s laid-back happy stuff. I’m not too sure where’s the space-y element though. Hmm. Could be a name game sorta thing.

Spaced Frequency

01. Spiritualized – Ladies & Gentlemen, We’re Floating In Space (Original Elvis Mix)
02. Custom Blue – One More Dub
03. US69 – 2069 A Spaced Oddity
04. David Axelrod – Big B Plus
05. James Vincent – Space Traveller
06. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows
07. John Paul Young – Love Is In The Air
08. Dorothy Morrison – Rain
09. Joe Gibbs – Chapter Three
10. Goldfrapp – Pilots

Hope you liked it as much as I did.

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