judging music

Don’t judge a person by the music they listen to.


We all judge people by what they like. I personally enjoy asking people about their favourite bands for a few reasons:

1. It helps me to identify their possible personality. I say possible because while it may reflect a little of who they are and what they are naturally inclined to, humans are such creatures of evolution that the music they are currently enjoying could simply be because…

2. Music also identifies their current state of mind. I enjoyed Yoav and Muse a whole lot when I was angry. I listen to post-rock when I write. I like happy ditties by Kaiser Chiefs, Mystery Jets and 80s classic rock when I’m happy. I play Kings of Leon, Mirror, A Girl Called Eddy when I’m reflective and so on. All this could change tomorrow.

3. I can see if they care about what people think about them. I don’t like name-dropping. Even a casual radio listener can be unashamed about liking the latest hits. It doesn’t bother me if they know all the words to some obscure track by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds or You Are The Music In Me (High School Musical). It irritates me though if I listen to someone rave about the latest indie band simply because it’s cool. Still… go ahead and be yourself. Like what you like.

And what’s this about guilty pleasures? Borrowing a thought from Chuck Klosterman, the term guilty pleasures denotes that there is a right and wrong in what you like, and that this value system is imposed by popular culture.

I like music because it’s fun. It’s as simple as that.

Dance without justification to whatever tempo rocks your boat.

We are all emblems of contradictions. Just like this post.


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