finally understood

‘I don’t know how you did it!’ Kitty remarked as she typed away at her laptop.

‘Did what?’ I asked, reluctantly turning my head away from the computer screen to look at her.

‘You are so busy! I mean, you are not just busy doing work but you’re working at like so many things at one time, I don’t see how you managed to meet up with friends and hang out!’ she answered.

I smiled in reply. I didn’t know how I did it either. Actually, I didn’t know if I was doing anything at all.

Kitty has been helping me out with some tasks on a volunteer/intern/free-labour basis and oh-my-god did she come at the right time. We are embarking on a brand new project and it’s because of her and EmoGirl’s help that I can even keep on schedule with the tasks that need done.

It felt nice that someone finally recognized how busy I was. I often wondered if I was plain stupid (how come I keep forgetting things?), slow or merely incompetent that I lagged behind my responsibilities.

Douglas Adams (may he rest in peace) once said, ‘I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by‘ and I wholeheartedly agreed with him.

Thankfully, that has changed.

Or maybe, I have changed.

Whatever it is, her empathy was like balm on my tired mind. I finally felt understood. And to reward myself after a day’s work in the office, I treated myself to telly hour at home. I rarely watch the telly but tonight, I watched American Idol. Guilt-free. Amazing what a little remark of empathy can do for someone else.

One thought on “finally understood

  1. Yea you look real tired yesterday. Hope today’s better for you… I’m down with flu… Thanks to my colleague… blah! =(

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