it’s not funny anymore

We are the only two left behind. It happened once in 2005 and it’s happening again. The team is leaving on an all-important trip and well, due to limited space, we are the ones who need to stay back.

‘Doesn’t it make you feel somewhat dispensable?’ I asked The Husband.

‘I kinda look at it as an important task, holding down the fort and all that… it doesn’t make feel disappointed one bit,’ he replied.

I thought it didn’t matter at first. That is, until I walked away from the meeting and darn it, it does affect me. I’m trying to see the sunshine in all this. I can’t right now though. It was worse when SoftSpeaker downplayed her happiness at being included.

‘Go ahead and be happy,’ I told her.

But it isn’t funny anymore.


4 thoughts on “it’s not funny anymore

  1. Urgh, I don’t like that feeling either and it’s completely valid to have those emotions in a situation such as this.

    But the hubby’s right too – there’s no reason to feel dispensable. Perhaps your presence is being put on hold for a much more important trip in the future?

    1. Knew I could trust you to add a little hop, skip and dance to life. *hugs*
      Thanks sweetheart. I shall remember that.

  2. Haha i’ve kinda grown accustomed to that already. People get chosen to do things while you are left with all the ‘dirty’ work.
    So I usually get a shock when people invite me into their plans… eg: inviting me first time to their place for an awesome dinner. Yeap… first step to developing an awesome friendship πŸ™‚

    Funnily when the cats are away, the mouse comes out to play. Most times they play hard… real hard… and they usually have a blast too. So yea… on a side note, i won’t be going as well. So we can all come out and play together!

    *Offspring’s Come Out and Play* graaaaaaaaaaaaaah! πŸ˜€

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